Name that Dragon Contest at Zao Island

dragon 1Hey, people! Did you know that the large green dragon that sits in Zao Island’s mini-golf course doesn’t have a name? Poor guy…

But you can help change that. Right now we’re holding a special contest to find the perfect name for our very large companion. It’s really easy to enter and you could win an AWESOME prize.

So here’s what you do:

1. Click here to see the Zao Island contest post on Facebook. 2. Enter the name you think will best fit our dragon in the comments section of that post. 3. Wait and see who gets chosen!

That’s it! When the contest ends, us Zao Island folks will chose our favorite name. Our choice will be based on which one we like the most so feel free to get creative. The winner will receive a $100 play card that is good for all Zao Island activities or mini-golf for you and your family/friends. On top of that, the winning name will be displayed on a sign in front of our dragon so that everyone who walks by him can see it!

There are some rules:

1. Keep the names you choose clean and family friendly. 2. Contest runs September 13, 2015 to September 27, 2015 until midnight. Entries made after that will not be considered. 3. You can enter a name more than once, just don’t clog our comment feed. 4. Keep negative comments to yourself. We reserve the right to disqualify those who get mean or profane. 5. Only names entered in the comments section of the contest post (click link above) will be considered.

For more information on the contest or anything else Zao Island related call us at 219-462-1194.