New Art Exhibits Feature Repurposed Materials

By: Lubeznik Center for the Arts Last Updated: July 13, 2010

In the sculptural works of Sharon Gilmore, Donna Hapac and Bev Overton, the materials are part of the message. repurposed-materials

Gilmore’s works utilize found objects ― large pieces of driftwood, parts of fallen trees, vines and seed pods combine with fragments of metal and plastic to create objects imbued with a mythical aura. Naturally aged, cracked and scarred, the objects bring their own history to the work ― expressing mourning for destruction through wars, natural disasters, and climate change.

Hapac draws inspiration from the forms & patterns found in nature. Using a combination of natural and man made materials (most notably, waxed linen and acrylic fingernails) she works intuitively to create forms that combine with light to suggest botanical or zoological origins. The individual elements of Colony (for instance) are reminiscent of daffodils, but together, take on an almost alien appearance.

In Junk Mail and Wrappers, artist Bev Overton uses the paper media that passes through our homes every day to create artworks that transcend their humble origins. In Overton's hands, trash "has a second chance to inspire, amuse, and, collectively with other junk mail and wrappers, become beautiful and whole."

The wonderfully evocative sculptures of Sharon Gilmore and Donna Hapac will be on exhibit in Lubeznik Center’s Brincka/Cross and Library Galleries through September 12. Bev Overton's Junk Mail and Wrappers will be in the Conference Room Gallery. Meet the artists at a free opening reception on Saturday, July 17 from 7 to 9 p.m. (Chicago time). Phone 219-874-4900 for more information or visit

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