New Book to Feature Unique Images High Above NWI (Update)

By: Air One, Inc. Last Updated: October 20, 2009

Air One Aerial Photography presents “Northwest Indiana, A Different View,” a new book featuring a perspective by Tom and Brad Cavanaugh.

If it looks like a perfect day for an aerial shoot Brad and Tom Cavanaugh can be found flying the friendly skies by way of helicopter! At 7am and the helicopter engines are warmed up and ready for their daily adventure. The cameras are loaded with film, the maps are checked and clearance for take off is received. As the day begins, Air One can be found high above any traffic jams watching the morning fog burn off. Photographs taken from the sky in this manner have been collaborated to make up “Northwest Indiana, A Different View.”

Brad Cavanaugh, photographer and Valparaiso native, commented on the tools used to create the new book. "The equipment we shoot with is nothing less than the best. We use high-end 35mm digital, extremely precise medium format digital cameras as well as medium format panoramic cameras."

In the book, Cavanaugh provides rich images depicting a birds eye view that many lifelong Northwest Indiana natives have never seen before. Only a limited 1,000 copies are being printed. “Northwest Indiana, A Different View,” is available for purchase at Air One (64 Lincolnway). Everything in terms of imagery is done in house, from the photography, scanning, and graphics work. Images from the book can be purchased for framing at Air One.

Air One started back in 1995 as a simple aerial photography company. Air One produces some of the country's best panoramic photographs, subjects ranging from Chicago skyline photos to lighthouses. They carry over 150 different city skylines worldwide.

Come on down to Air One, as the book will go on sale during the Holly Days event in downtown Valpo at 4pm on December 4th.

There will also be free gift giveaways at the Book Signing at Air One Aerial Photography from 4pm until 8pm on December 11th.