New Broker Associate, Lacy Franz, Setting an Example and Shooting for Success at Boulder Bay Realty

New Broker Associate, Lacy Franz, Setting an Example and Shooting for Success at Boulder Bay Realty

Lacy Franz recently joined the team at Boulder Bay Realty in Valparaiso after finishing up her real estate schooling and passing the exams to become a certified broker associate. Now that she’s taking her first steps into her career, Franz is excited to learn more about the real-world side of the industry from the many experts at Boulder Bay, and to show those around her who look to her as a role model, how important it is to stay committed and work hard to achieve your goals.

After attending Indiana University, where she studied sociology and social work, Franz moved back to the region and in the spring of 2017 and she was thinking about trying something new. The idea of a career in real estate wasn’t something entirely out of the blue, as she had family members who had taken the certification test. So, Franz enrolled at the Tom Feeney School of Real Estate which was an incredibly positive experience that reinforced the idea that she was in the right place.

“All of my classmates were just the best people,” Franz said. “They were incredibly nice and it just spiraled into coming here every day, where the classes are held, and it ultimately worked out really well.”

“The class was so fun and Tom was such a really great teacher,” she added. “He put it into a real-world perspective and made it really enjoyable and entertaining.”

After finishing classes and passing the exams, Franz started at Boulder Bay. In that time her experience with Boulder Bay owner, Lynda Anderson, and the rest of the team has been very positive and encouraging.

“Every day since I’ve gotten here Lynda stops by my office and asks if I have any questions, she explains everything really well, and it’s all there for me so I don’t have to go searching for things I need to learn. She’s really good at understanding the person and making them feel motivated and happy. I know she’s busy but she makes time for everyone.”

“The reason that I ultimately came to Boulder Bay was because of how professional they are. I came in here and you can just feel that and the positivity. I just felt comfortable and I felt like I can be happy here.”

Although real estate and social work are quite different career paths, the concept of wanting to help people in some capacity is very much tied to both occupations. Franz considered how the skills needed for both positions translated, and her desire to truly impact people in a positive way could be met through real estate.

“Deciding a career is a really big decision,” Franz added. “My thought process, and why I thought real estate could be just as noble a profession as social work, is that when you sell a family a house you’re deeply impacting that family and you can affect those children’s lives. “

“You’ve got to make sure they have everything they need and want in a home,” she continued. “Your home life is everything. If can affect your entire life ahead of you so you’ve got to have stability. Once a family gets into a home, I really hope that I get the chance to see them 10 years down the road and find out how well that home worked out for them.”

Franz is the oldest of four siblings, the youngest of which is still in grade school, so it’s incredibly important for her to make an impact and be a truly positive role model for them as they grow.

“That’s almost the most important thing to me,” Franz said in describing her desire to set a great example. “I really want to show them a good path, how to do things the right way, and how much it matters to be work hard and be happy. As the oldest, I’m the leader and I’ll affect their life choices, so I want them to see how important and rewarding it is to go into a professional career.”