New Changes Can Be Found at Vale Park

new-updatesVale Park Animal Hospital recently got some really cool upgrades to their office that they want their clients and the community to be aware of.

When clients walk into the main lobby with their pets they will witness (or may have already witnessed) more seating and a brand new receptionist desk with two sides – one for checking in, and the other for checking out.

“We did this to make the process more streamlined for before and after appointment procedures,” Jackie Stalbaum, Office Manager for Vale Park said. “This will make things quicker for them and ultimately their experience will be better from beginning to end.”

And Vale Park upgraded their computer software so now they are paperless and proud of it.

“It’s much more organized and we have everything in one place where we can easily access records, billing, scheduling, and more,” Stalbaum said. “We were organized before but this helps as we’re a growing company with more people and animals to help.”

Something else you might notice are the different uniforms that the staff wears. Different people wear different things. Does it mean anything? Yes!

“We wanted a more professional look and the different uniforms separate our staff members so you know who does what,” Stalbaum explained.

Here’s the uniform breakdown:

Solid color uniform: the medical team
Printed/patterned uniform: receptionist
White lab coats: the doctors (i.e. Dr. Booth, Dr. Jerry, etc.)

So now you know, and now you can love Vale Park even more because they’ve got not only your pet’s needs, but also your needs on their minds.