New Games at Jak’s Warehouse

new-gamesAt Jak's Warhosue, we just added new games to our Arcade! Come check them out!

If arcade games are more your speed, look no further than the Arcade and Redemption Center at JAK'S Warehouse. JAK'S has one of the largest arcades in Northwest Indiana and the South Chicagoland area. With more than 40 exciting games that test your gaming skills, JAK'S is a gamer's paradise. Load up the fun!

And no worries about keeping track of tickets or coins; JAK'S has a high tech system in place to keep track of your points. JAK'S Redemption Center is fully stocked with tons of exciting prizes! If you do not have enough time to get enough points to get the cool prize you have your eye on, save them on your card and redeem next time!