New Services Available at Porter-Starke

Porter-Starke-TelemedicineEffective on April 1, 2012, Porter-Starke Services now provides outpatient adult psychiatric services via telemedicine. "We're excited to provide this additional service for our clients and community," said Rocco Schiralli, President/CEO of Porter-Starke Services. "Telemedicine has show to be effective and the new process complements our already large and talented team of current psychiatrists available at Porter-Starke," said Schiralli.

What is Telemedicine?
Telemedicine services are similar to traditional in-person appointments, but are conducted using videoconferencing equipment. A doctor will interact with you using videoconference technology.

Does it Work?
The service has been shown to be extremely successful in other parts of the country and has been endorsed by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. Services provided will meet the same standard of care as traditional in-person services. It just allows for additional psychiatrist time that can help you get to see your doctor faster.

The transition to this method of service at Porter-Starke has been a smooth experience and client feedback has been exceptional. Many clients feel more comfortable using this technology and will often disclose more information via telemedicine than in a standard session.

Porter-Starke-Telemedicine1Who Is Eligible?
Services through telemedicine will be offered to both new and existing clients who are appropriate candidates for this option. Appropriate candidates are those that are comfortable with technology/format and would benefit from this method of service delivery.

How Do I Opt-In/Opt-Out of This Service?
Clients may accept or decline telemedicine at any point during services.

How Does It Work?
Nurses and administrative staff will assist you on-site with routine protocols and introduce you to the video equipment at the beginning of each appointment. A designated nurse will remain available in the immediate area to provide assistance to you or intervene in the event of a crisis. The nurse will also remain present in the room with you at the discretion of the psychiatrist. The nurse will also be contacted at the end of the appointment for instructions.

How Will My Prescription Be Managed?
Prescriptions will be managed through e-scribe or by communication with the on-site nurse. Controlled substance prescriptions will be sent overnight to Porter-Starke Services and will be available for pickup the next day.

For more information about telemedicine services at Porter-Starke Services, please call 219.531.3500 and ask to speak to the outpatient nursing department.