Nick Durand: Specialty account executive, frequent traveler, avid golfer

Nick Durand: Specialty account executive, frequent traveler, avid golfer

When looking for a different avenue after working as a life insurance carrier straight out of college, UnitedHealthcare Specialty Account Executive used his network to his advantage. He was impressed by the fact that his girlfriend’s mom had worked for UnitedHealthcare for over 20 years and thought there was no better testament to the quality of a job. 

Five years ago in July, Durand began his position at UnitedHealthcare selling ancillary products for vision, dental, life, disability, and more. Beyond simply making a sale, what he cares about most is finding the best products and solutions for UnitedHealthcare members as he knows navigating healthcare can be intimidating.

“We truly are a member-first organization and want to make the member experience the best experience possible,” Durand said. “I think everyone knows the health care and ancillary insurance world is confusing enough, so trying to simplify it to make it the best experience for members is what I like the most.”

Durand feels that through his work as a specialty account executive, he is able to add value to the community around him. With options to send dental products straight to members’ homes, a new partnership with Quip, and more, UnitedHealthcare members have many options available to them. 

Helping to simplify members’ experiences and lower their total costs are already hugely rewarding benefits of the job, but having a great team to deliver those services adds a whole new layer. Durand praises UnitedHealthcare for the actions it takes to create an inclusive and collaborative work atmosphere both between internal employees and broker partners. 

“We really work together as a team and that makes coming to work every day easier. Not everyone can say they enjoy their work, but I truly do enjoy it,” Durand said.

When he is not busy enjoying his work, Durand enjoys golfing and traveling. He is an avid golfer and even travels to play golf–he has actually played more rounds outside of the Chicagoland area than he has played in the Chicagoland area this year. He and his wife had a destination wedding and have already traveled seven times this year. They are also hoping to plan a trip to Europe soon.

While he has traveled many places, his favorite destination so far is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

“My wife and I went to Cabo a few years ago. That was an overall great trip,” Durand said. “We stayed at a resort on the beach and could go into town and feel out the local part of Mexico.”

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