NIPSCO and Gary Neighborhood Services Incorporated Take a Stand Against Bullying for Gary’s Middle School Youngsters

By: NIPSCO Last Updated: December 28, 2017

rot2With the bullying epidemic now at an all-time high, (NIPSCO) Northern Indiana Public Service Company and (GNS) Gary Neighbor Services Incorporated decided to do something about it. Increasing at ever alarming staggering rates, statistics indicate that bullied middle school youngsters are at a much higher risk for low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Intrinsically aware of the proverb, “knowledge is power”, it was no secret that middle school youngsters within the area and other school regions within the proximity needed more access and exposure to Anti-Bully based reads however; a lack of funding within the realms of the school budgeting often prevented such purchases from taking place.

Upon the discovery of this financial dilemma, GNS a nonprofit that has served the needs of families and youth in Gary for over 40 years in partnership with Ardannyl LLC, a local youth based publishing company unified with NIPSCO; a company that has been contributing to educational and human service programs for more than 100 years. Because of the financial backing of NIPSCO, and evidence provided by GNS, the following districts and or schools will receive 100 copies of the middle school bullying based read titled, The Misfits; Dr. Lucille Washington Interim Chief Academic Officer for the Gary Community School District, Anthony M. Cherry Principal of 21ST Century Charter School of Gary, LaRia Crews, MSW, Social Worker of Theodore Roosevelt College and Career Academy, Naketa Young Therapeutic Counselor of Merrillville Intermediate School, and Christina Rose M.Ed, Ed.S School Counselor of Thomas A Edison Jr Sr High School. As a follow up measure, Anti-Bully discussions led by Ardannyl LLC will take place in 2018 with the middle school aged youngsters to address their comfort level with the subject matter as whole.

Statistics indicate that the state of Indiana is ranked 30 on the nations list for bullying and the more students read Anti-Bullying books, the more confident, and empathic they become towards the subject matter for themselves and others. Because of NIPSCO and GNS, a lot of middle school youngsters are on their way to finding out what to do if they ever find themselves or their counterparts being or becoming a victim.