NIPSCO Announces 2013 Charity Award and Luminary Award Recipients

Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) recognized leaders and organizations for their commitment to strengthening local communities. The awards were created in 2012 in celebration of the utility’s 100 year anniversary.

NIPSCO CEO Jim Stanley said, “We are well served by the leaders across Northwest Indiana. Tonight we want to bring them together and recognize them for their strong community leadership.”

The Charity Award of the year went to the American Red Cross. Starting in March, NIPSCO organized many fundraising events in order to raise money to award the American Red Cross.

In response to earning the award, Sharyn Whitman, CEO, said to NIPSCO, “As I look at this community, you provide the light that I count on when I turn on that little switch in my house and we thank you for helping the Red Cross be ‘the light’ in our communities.”

Luminary Award recipients were chosen by NIPSCO for their outstanding commitment in five key areas: Education, Environmental Stewardship, Economic Development, Emergency Response, and Community Leadership.

The Education Award went to Linda Woloshansky of The Center of Workforce Innovations. She was being recognized for her lifelong dedication to creating a highly skilled and readily available workforce in order to ensure a sustainable economic future for Northwest Indiana.

Woloshansky said, “Education is very important to us because we know that an educated workforce will be the right pipeline for companies to grow and prosper and will help people achieve a solid way of life for both themselves and their families.”

The Environmental Stewardship Award went to Goshen College, a private, non-profit college known for its charitable efforts and giving back to the community. This organization is also NIPSCO’s first major client to go 100% green.

The Economic Development Award went to Holladay Partners. Under the leadership of John Phair, Holladay Partners has not only been a strong economic development partner, but has continued to be the commercial and industrial development leader across NIPSCO’s service area. Their contributions have brought new investment and thousands of permanent and construction jobs to our communities.

The Emergency Response Award went to the Michigan City Police and Fire Department for their outstanding performance under performance under pressure as well as their leadership and professionalism in their rescue of six-year-old Nathan Woessner. Woessner was buried in a sink hole on Mt. Baldy sand dune in Michigan City.

The Community Leadership Award was awarded to William Nangle. Nangle has held strong to the ethical values of journalism while serving the public interest for nearly five decades. “I am really humbled by this…There are so many good people, and so many good leaders in Northwest Indiana, that are more deserving of this award than I. At the Times, the wheels are turning and we will continue to work to serve this community. Thank you.”

After the award ceremony, nominees and award winners alike came together to support each other over refreshments and hors devours.

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Written by Erica Wirsing