NIPSCO Hosted Educational Event in Time for Arbor Day

On the afternoon of Friday, April 17, the city of Valparaiso organized an Arbor Day gathering at Fairgrounds Park. Local students and residents planted trees and had the opportunity to converse with several environmentalists.

6th grader Tatyana Sentoro was thrilled to be at the event.

“Today we are here to help the environment by planting trees,” Sentoro said. “Trees help us breathe and give us shade. It is important for us to plant seeds and save as many as we can.”

Mayor Jon Costas started the event off on a positive note by thanking everyone for their efforts and proceeded to help students plant the first seeds.

“It’s wonderful seeing members of our community take an interest in doing their part to help the environment. I urge all citizens to celebrate Arbor Day and to support efforts to protect our trees and woodlands,” Costas stated. “I hope citizens plant trees to gladden the heart and promote the well being of this and future generations.”

Representatives from several organizations attended the event and handed out educational materials. They include including Shade Brigade, Northern Indiana Public Service Company (or NIPSCO), Indiana DNR Division of Forestry, US Forest Service, ArborMetrics Solutions, Inc., Indiana Urban Forest Council, and Indiana Community Tree Stewards.

Valparaiso Arborist Matt McBain said, “We have a lot of different things planned for today. Today is really all about educating the public on important environmental issues and teaching them skills they might not know otherwise. For example: we have a demonstration on tree climbing.”

The event focused on spreading awareness and education about proper environmental procedures by offering information on a multitude of environmental aspects. Incorporating environmental efficiency in our daily lives is the true definition of innovation. NIPSCO strives to do just this. NIPSCO offers energy efficient programs and technology at an affordable price. NIPSCO’s Green Power Rate program is offered to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Additionally, NIPSCO ensures that this energy is renewable due to the use of Renewable Energy Certificates.

In conclusion, Valparaiso’s Arbor Day celebration served as an opportunity for citizens to learn more about human-environment interactions. Sometimes it only takes one seed to make a difference. Through environmental education, we can count on a bright future.