NIPSCO Warns of Potential Scams and Impersonators in Northwest Indiana

rot3The NIPSCO Communications Team reminds residents of Northwest Indiana to be alert to potential scams that have been recently reported to various police departments in the region.

Impersonators have called residents claiming to be NIPSCO employees in the attempt to acquire information about the person or the business, likely in order to steal the identity for future use.

“If the interaction is over the phone or in an email and doesn’t seem right, end the conversation and call our 24-hour Customer Service Center at 1-800-4NIPSCO (1-800-464-7726),” explained Communications Intern Kalie Ammons. “If you explain you’re going to confirm the legitimacy of the call and they argue, then that’s definitely a red flag.”

The scammers have also approached individuals in the region, masking as employees at NIPSCO. In the event that you are unsure the person is an official NIPSCO employee, Ammons recommends asking to show an official NIPSCO picture ID.

“If you’re still not sure, call us to confirm if someone is supposed to be there,” she stated.

NIPSCO is proactive in protecting the personal information of its customers to ensure they have access to secure payment options, but residents should also be proactive to keep personal information private.

“Never give your information to an unconfirmed source,” explained Ammons. “If you’re asked for this information over the phone, hang up and call NIPSCO . This way you’ll know you’re speaking with a NIPSCO employee.”

Reported scam attempts include asking the resident to buy a prepaid debit card. NIPSCO will never ask for customers to do so they offer payment options online, by phone, through the mail or in person at one of NIPSCO’s authorized payment locations. Click here to view a list of legitimate payment channels.

NIPSCO employees will never visit your home to collect money.

“Also, NIPSCO only asks for a social security number for new customers,” said Ammons. “If you believe someone has your personal information, call 911 and your bank or credit card company to try to stop the scam.”

Essentially, if you are unsure, contact NIPSCO immediately and their team will be there to help.

For more information, call NIPSCO’s 24-hour Customer Service Center at 1-800-4NIPSCO (1-800-464-7726) or read more on the Impersonators/Scams section of their website.