NITCO Building State-of-the-Art Telecommunications Infrastructure for Companies and Municipalities Across the Region

NITCO Building State-of-the-Art Telecommunications Infrastructure for Companies and Municipalities Across the Region

These days, there's a continuously growing range of demands in the realm of telecommunications, and whether you’re running a large corporate operation, a small business, or a municipality, it’s hugely important to maintain high speed connectivity and seamless communication with the world. In Northwest Indiana, one company in particular has their roots in the region, their technological capabilities on the cutting-edge, and the resources to build the network you need, no matter how ambitious the demand.

NITCO has operated in Northwest Indiana for well over 100 years and a big part of what’s allowed them to reliably meet the demands of customers is their agility and continued commitment towards embracing and implementing the latest technologies. In providing everything from television, voice, network integration, and broadband, NITCO is a one-stop-shop to get your operations running, as they say, “at the speed of light.”

As the demand for connectivity has grown rapidly over the last couple of decades, so has NITCO’s ability to build, service, and maintain the infrastructure of some of the region’s largest corporations, industrial parks and municipalities.

Any kind of major technological infrastructure, whether it’s running cables in the walls of your home or business or building your city or company’s network from, literally, the ground up, NITCO has the tools, technology, and the manpower to get you, your company, or your city where you need to be to stay connected to our fast-paced world.

From their 10,000 telephone poles and miles upon miles of Fiber, NITCO is connecting the region to the world, first, through their engineering and project management experts. Then, NITCO’s professional construction crews, who have the tools and materials along with a fleet of vehicles at their fingertips, can bore cutting-edge Fiber and build your telecommunications infrastructure to the tailored specificationss that fit the needs of each individual customer.

Municipalities and corporations across Northwest Indiana have taken advantage of NITCO’s excellent planning, implementation, and maintenance services, and their special focus on infrastructure has allowed these entities to build out new, state-of-the-art Fiber networks and upgrade their connectivity across their entire site, both above and below ground.

NITCO’s greatest asset is their team. Their highly trained staff of project managers, engineers, construction crews, service technicians, and customer service representatives work towards one goal - providing exceptional, professional service to each client. When you contact NITCO you can count on speaking with someone who cares about Northwest Indiana, and who is going to work to help reach your company’s goals. They work hard to make their promise of ‘Always Here, Always Caring, All Ways Better’ a reality.

NITCO has spent years building and maintaining myriad networks for clients, big and small, across the region. With this expertise in infrastructure construction and maintenance of state-of-the-art networks, NITCO is able to provide unparalleled service for television, voice, and internet.

If you’re looking to upgrade your services or update your entire telecommunications system, NITCO is your one-stop-shop and the first and last company to look towards when it comes to the best that Northwest Indiana has to offer.

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