NITCO Supports Customer Privacy

nitcopic1A bill was recently signed into law allowing internet companies to sell people's browsing histories. NITCO (Northwestern Indiana Telephone Co.) believes that every customer has the right to expect that information concerning billing, calling history and web browsing will be kept private. Our company is committed to customer confidentiality, and we will not sell, trade or make available to any person or corporation any information that might be collected through the use of the internet or any product offered by NITCO.

NITCO has a long history of protecting our customers and their privacy. We will adhere to this principle even though government laws and regulations may permit providers to violate their customers’ trust for profit.

Some of NITCO’s competitors in Northwest Indiana may not have announced their policy on this issue. NITCO challenges them to step up and commit to protecting their customers’ privacy. Anything less is a disservice to the public they serve. Below is a list of Internet Service Providers in Northwest Indiana. Patrons of these providers should make the effort to determine just how well their privacy is being protected.

  • AT&T
  • SurfAir
  • FairNet
  • Sprint
  • Frontier Communications
  • MidwayNet
  • HughesNet
  • CenturyLink
  • Comcast
  • Exede
  • Verizon
  • MediaCom
  • T-Mobile

NITCO (Northwestern Indiana Telephone Company, Inc.) is Northwest Indiana’s premier provider of broadband, telecommunications, fiber infrastructure and telephone service. Since 1939 NITCO has been serving the residents of Lake, Porter, Jasper and Newton Counties and is currently upgrading its communications infrastructure to meet the needs of residential, commercial and industrial customers of all sizes.