NITCO to Provide Chesterton Fiber Optic Network in Spring

NITCO to Provide Chesterton Fiber Optic Network in Spring

Northwestern Indiana Telephone Company, otherwise known as NITCO, held a groundbreaking ceremony at Thomas Centennial Park in downtown Chesterton for the new Chesterton Fiber Optic Network Thursday afternoon. Created by the town of Chesterton, the network provides an economic advantage to businesses in town compared to others in the surrounding area, and NITCO has been selected as the main provider company through the Chesterton Fiber Optic Network, or CFON.

Receiving nothing but positive reactions from businesses in town, NITCO Sales Account Executive Ahna Dunn attended the ceremony in support of the new network.

“We’re super excited to be a part of Chesterton and we’re glad that they’re providing this to their businesses,” said Dunn.

Tom Carroll, Senior VP at NITCO, is also pleased that executives like Dunn will be stationed in Chesterton once their new office opens, to find out what levels of service that local businesses want.

“It’s not just the gigabit fiber and the internet – It’s also voice services, television products like our cable company, and long-distance services," Carroll said. "We will be the local telephone, internet, and T.V. cable company for Chesterton.”

While the network is actually being paid for by TIF district funds, the Chesterton Redevelopment Commission and Town Council are the ones to thank behind the entire implementation of the network and planning of its release. Chesterton is putting the infrastructure into the ground and NITCO is distributing to all the businesses that want to sign up for their services.

“When we started discussions over a year ago with the town, they already had a vision that they wanted to do this – they just needed the right partner and NITCO came forward and said, ‘We would love to be your partner and help you bring this vision to life,” said Carroll.

The businesses and residents of the town will benefit greatly from the new fiber optic network that is being provided, bringing gigabit fiber to every single business that wants it.

“Today is an exciting time for the people of Chesterton because, for the first time, they’re going to have a fiber network dedicated to support local business and future business here in the town,” Carroll said. “This is a real special day having the ground breaking, but what we can’t wait for is the ribbon cutting in the spring when it all goes live. That’s going to be special.”

NITCO’s greatest value has always been the dedication to its customers and focusing on the future, and the community can’t wait until the new network goes live in the spring!

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