NITCO Treats its Customers to a Day on the Town!

NITCO-Customer-Appreciation-1Despite the gray skies and occasional sprinkles of rain, NITCO provided loads of fun during its third annual Customer Appreciation Day. NITCO invited customers and Hebron residents to its facility on Tuesday, August 12th. Everyone in attendance was given a free hot dog, a special cupcake, and were invited to enjoy the music of a DJ, enter a raffle for two backpacks of school supplies, try out a photo booth, get a temporary tattoo and more!

“I like it,” said Karen Cooper, NITCO customer. “I’ll be back next year, too. This is my first year. I love their service, too. I’m very happy with it. If I call them with a problem, they’re right out to fix it.”

Amid the games and food, NITCO employees were also on hand to provide tours of the facility. These short events generally included a quick look at their museum (containing numerous telephone designs from history, among other things) and product demonstrations of the new services that NITCO will be offering soon, including faster Internet speeds through VDSL, IP-based phones for businesses that allow customers to call a business even when the phone itself is at another location, and fiber wires that can provide up to a Gigabyte per second.

NITCO-Customer-Appreciation-2“This is the third year we’ve had our event,” said Gavin Bristol of NITCO. “We’re just trying to raise awareness, this year especially, about our new products and features. This is letting our customers understand how they operate and how to use them. We have a small demonstration that’s going on, we give them a tour of the museum, and take them to the other room to show them how their new features work and how they can manage them. There’s a lot of power now in how our customers can manage their own features. It’s really neat. We’re really excited about it, and want everyone to know.”

In addition to letting the public know more about their events, the NITCO Customer Appreciation Day is about demonstrating to the public just how much NITCO appreciates the customers who’ve been with them for so long. NITCO attempts to maintain good relationships with the communities that it serves, and events like these are part of how they show it.

NITCO-Customer-Appreciation-3“Dedication to our customers is our number one thing,” said Patty Rawlins of NITCO. “They’ve been with us for so long and we have so much customer loyalty that we’re doing what we can to give back to our customers through events like this and through our services to our customers.”

“We really wanted to do something to show our customers that we’re not forgetting about them,” said Cassy Dickerson. “We wouldn’t be here without them, and we really do want to show that we appreciate them and give back to the community, so we created this free event. Everyone can have fun and be part of our family for a day.”