NO REGRETS-extreme living – Your Teens Need You!

By: Jaime Bauer Last Updated: October 9, 2009

FREE Events! Presented by PATH and WONU ShineFM First ~ An Adult Kick-off Event Look B4 You Leap Second ~ No Regrets ::: Extreme Teen Rally When: Look B4 You Leap Kick-off 4-5:00pm

This event is for ADULTS ONLY! Whether you are a parent, grandparent or an adult entrusted with the responsibility and pleasure of caring for teens, this event is for YOU!

Let us feed your teen(s) dinner while you enjoy a pre-event viewing of the multi-media event "Look Before You Leap". This engaging and fast-paced video will touch on the subjects of drugs, alcohol, relationships, and so much more. All those subjects that make your teens roll their eyes, discussed in a positive way that they will receive! Registration will open at 3:30pm and the viewing will start promptly at 4:00pm. This viewing is for parents only ~ Your teen(s) will be viewing the same film later during the No Regrets Rally. A short discussion regarding the content of the film as well as the vital role you play in your teen's life will follow. We'll offer you ideas for conversation starters, keys to communicating with your teen(s), and give you an opportunity to ask questions! Why:  “Youth whose parents talked to them about risky behaviors were significantly more likely to make healthy choices.”

“Youths surveyed; caregivers/parents had an influence that was just as strong, if not stronger, that that of their peers as the teens developed their sense of identity.”

“Adolescents with greater exposure to media with sexual content (TV, music, magazines, and movies) were more likely than peers with lower levels of exposure to be sexually active or to intend to become sexually active.”  “Adolescents who reported receiving more parental monitoring (in response to questions such as “How often do you tell your parents where you’re going to be after school?” and “How often do you tell your parents where you’re really going when you go out evenings and weekends?”) had, on average, lower rates of alcohol misuse, illicit drug use, and delinquency throughout their teenage years compared to youths who received less parental monitoring.”  Engaging in any level of drinking, smoking, sexual activity, or, especially, illegal drug use significantly increased the likelihood that a youth will experience depression, think of suicide, or attempt suicide.

To read more visit All this and you'll be done by 5:00pm! THEN - Enjoy a teen free evening and return to pick them up at 11:00pm. Your participation in the event also registers your teen(s) to an extra entry in our iPod drawing! Pre-registration is requested – visit to register and for more information! No Regrets – Extreme Teen Rally 5-11:00pm Who: This event is for youth 12-18! What: Bring your friends, youth groups, all those you hang with, join PATH and Shine FM for a night of fun, activities, and music! Tower from WONU Shine FM is joining PATH (A Positive Approach to Teen Health) for a massive NO REGRETS/extreme living rally for teens.

The fun begins in the Industrial Building at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Crown Point, IN. on Saturday, October 24th. The evening is packed with events. Teen Band Forevermore will kick off the night at 5pm and Rob Kaczmark from Spirit Juice Studios will conclude the night with dance music and activities from 9-11pm. The most extreme inflatable’s are being provided by BOUNCE “N” AROUND and will include Bouncy Boxing, Sumo Wrestling, Jousting and an Obstacle Course. Breakdown Indianapolis, a Hip Hop dance group from will bring an awesome message about FREEDOM, freedom to follow your dreams and live an extreme life with NO REGRETS. Why: Be encouraged to be a person of integrity, character and hope.  Be challenged to expose the "sex-without-consequences" mentality as well as the “its ok to experiment…and everyone’s doing it” attitude.

Be empowered by The No Regrets message to make choices today that will allow them to live a life with NO REGRETS!!!  Consider “At a time when the members of society have aligned their identity with their sexuality, a powerful movement has begun to form, causing a revolution in the hearts and minds of this generation.” ~Breakdown  Just because you can – it’s free – there will be food – it’s a cool place to hang on a Saturday night! Register Now: