NorthShore Health Center of Portage Teams Up With Kona Ice To Celebrate National Chill Out Day

NorthShore Health Center of Portage Teams Up With Kona Ice To Celebrate National Chill Out Day

Adding to the chilly weather on Monday morning, NorthShore Health Centers teamed up with Kona Ice of the Dunes to celebrate this year’s National Chill Out Day, which marks the official end of the previous tax season.

A little more than 400 Kona Ice franchise owners throughout the country participated in the “no taxation relaxation” free icee event. The event marks three years of partnership between NorthShore Health Centers and Kona Ice, which visited the health center’s Portage and Lake Station locations today.

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“We value our partnership with NorthShore Health Centers very much. They do so many great things for our community, so we thought partnering together would be a perfect fit,” said Dawn Cole, owner and operator of Kona Ice of the Dunes LLC.

“It’s really nice to take a little break and go out to the truck and grab some Kona ice during lunch time,” said Patti Cunningham, registered nurse at NorthShore Health Center’s Portage location. “My co-workers and I like to sit at a picnic table outside and enjoy the sunshine for a bit. Our patients also really enjoy stopping at the truck on their way in and out of an appointment,” she said.

The mobile treat truck has something to offer everyone. Ten original flavors are available, including Monkey Business, Ninja Cherry, and Lucky Lime, and adults even have the opportunity to try 12 ‘mocktail’ options crafted behind the counter.

“Our adult flavors are Watermelon Mint, Coconut Lime, Bourbon Black Cherry Vanilla, Lavender Lemonade, Mai Tai, White Wine Spritzer, Lip Smackin’ Lemon, Aprium Rosé Sangria, Blueberry Acai, Cosmopolitan, Mango Jalapeño and—my favorite—Blackberry Mojito,” Cole said. The drinks do not contain alcohol.

The array of flavors offers a tasty and healthy alternative to other sweet treats, reflecting well the mission of NorthShore Health Centers.

“All our flavors are made out of VitaBlend, which is a low-calorie flavoring made with all-natural Stevia, pure cane sugar, and fortified vitamins C and D,” Cole said. “We’re also peanut, dairy, gluten, and GMO free, and have dye and sugar-free options. Our products are safe for the entire family.”

The next Kona Ice and NorthShore celebration will the first week of June, and the truck will be open for business at the Portage location every Wednesday throughout the summer. NorthShore Health Centers provides their employees with pre-purchased Kona cups so they can get refills for only $3.

For more information on NorthShore Health Centers, visit their website, or check out their Facebook page for upcoming events.