NorthShore Health Centers Offers Lifesaving CPR Classes

NorthShore Health Centers Offers Lifesaving CPR Classes

NorthShore Health Centers invites you to join them for an intensive educational Family and Friends CPR Class. The community education class will provide the knowledge and practice to possibly save a life.

The program will provide lifesaving CPR skills, such as how to assist a choking victim or how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) device. The program will be primarily focused on hands only CPR.

Glenn Schultz of NorthShore Health Centers spoke about the importance of CPR Education for adults and especially children.

“I think that [CPR education] is something that the youth should learn as early as possible,” Schultz said.

The American Heart Association reveal a statistic that approximately 70% of all cardiac arrests happen in the home, but only 45% of those get the necessary help they need immediately. Knowing CPR can assist in the home setting as well as out in the community to a person in need.

The program is designed to cover all levels of CPR and choking assistance methods to different age groups, from infants and children to adults.

“The program focuses on hands only CPR, and doesn’t touch on Rescue Breathing. It will include hands-on practice with a CPR mannequin following an instructional video,” Schultz said.

Schultz notes that certification is only really necessary if it is required for a job or school.

“The skill is the skill. This is a free class that teaches those skills. Even though CPR is no guarantee that someone will survive an unfortunate event, it could give anyone a good chance at surviving,” Schultz said. “Things happen unexpectedly, and being able to provide help quickly is necessary.”

Family and Friends CPR Classes are already full for the month of October; however, there are still slots for the November 8 session from 10am-12pm. RSVP by calling Glenn at (219)-763-8112 Ext: 5151. For more information about what North Shore Health Centers offer visit