NorthShore Health Centers to Launch New Health Center in Portage

NorthShore Health Centers to Launch New Health Center in Portage

NorthShore Health Centers is Indiana’s #1 Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) and #3 in the entire United States. To better help NorthShore continue to excel in the community and promote the health of residents throughout Northwest Indiana, the health services provider is well into the planning stages of constructing a new administration building in Portage.

The new building will be between 40K-50K sq./ft., and will replace NorthShore’s current administrative location which is rented and currently filled to capacity.

“The big thing that we want to do is to consolidate our operations,” said Todd Elliott, Business Development Director at NorthShore Health Centers. “That way we will keep costs down and keep things at one location. With this building we have to be smart about it. We bought the land about a year and a half ago and we’re working now to get all of the financials in order.”

“We’re going to take a look at all avenues out there and all of our partnerships to possibly incorporate someone else in the building with us,” Elliott said. “We’d be taking up most of the building but if there’s a strategic partner of ours that would be interested we’ll keep that option open.”

Along with the construction of NorthShore’s new location will come more jobs created by the building of the location itself as well as through the increased operational capacity that this will afford NorthShore.

NorthShore-Health-Centers-to-Launch-New-Health-Center-in-Portage_02“It’s going to help bring new jobs to Portage,” Elliot said. “We’re going to do this all through the unions and Portage is a union city, and we want to continue to have a good relationship with them. This will also create around 100 or more jobs for NorthShore Health Centers as well.”

“This is a project that’s going to benefit the community and that’s why we wanted to build our flagship in Portage because that’s where NorthShore Health Centers started. It’s a great central location for Lake and Porter Counties so strategically this is really the ideal spot for us.”

As NorthShore has grown over the last several years so have their services and what they are able to offer to the public in terms of affordable care.

“This will give us a great opportunity to expand our services and help a lot more people,” Elliott commented. “Our biggest thing is that we want to make people aware of how much we offer to the community in terms of the services that we provide, and this new location will give us a better ability to serve more and more patients in the community.”

“This will end up being around a $10 million project so it’s going to be big for Porter County. We’ve worked really well with the city and county government has been great so we’re going to keep plugging away and get the project off the ground as soon as possible.”

Pending funding, NorthShore Health Centers will be looking to begin construction on their new Portage location at the beginning of 2017.