Northshore Health Centers Welcomes a Visit with Santa at the Boys & Girls Club in South Haven

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As Christmas quickly approaches, children’s eagerness for Santa grows, which made NorthShore Health Centers hosting a Visit With Santa at the South Haven Unit of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County a perfect fit on the evening of Friday, December 19.

The event would not have been possible without the help from the generous sponsors within our Porter County community. The South Haven Fire Department brought Santa Claus to the event on a fire truck. Additionally, the Rotary Club of Portage donated candy canes to distribute and Starbucks provided the children with toasty beverages on the chilly winter evening. After their visit with Santa, each of the kids got to pick a book of their choice.

Delaney, 6-year-old at the South Haven Boys Club said, “I’m so excited to see Santa! I am asking for a Barbie house and books for Christmas.”

NorthShore is a non-profit community health center dedicated to providing quality healthcare to all those in need. NorthShore believes that everybody deserves the opportunity to access the highest quality healthcare, regardless of gender, age, race, social or cultural standing and/or ability to pay. The event stays true to the mission of the organization—bettering the community in one-way or another.

Patricia Hall from NorthShore said, “This is event is fabulous. It gives the kids of Porter County, specifically Portage, the chance to come out and see Santa. A lot of kids and their can’t afford to go to the mall, so they have the opportunity to meet Santa here for free, as well as get some apple cider to drink and grab a book.”

Families had the opportunity to capture the memorable moment on their own cameras, as well. Often times, parents have to pay a small fee for their children to visit Santa or take pictures with them together. NorthShore organized the event so that children in the area who are less fortunate can still have an opportunity to visit with Santa Claus.

Santa said, “Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the kids smile. Since Christmas is quickly approaching, it’s easy to overlook those less fortunate than us because we’re so caught up in our own lives. The holiday season truly is a time to give to others, so it’s great that we’re able to do our part with these children.”

It is evident that the South Haven Boys & Girl's Club of Porter County continues to make a difference in the community, especially during this holiday season. Not only does it serve the community on a day-to-day basis, but it also provides children with a safe haven. Be sure to visit the South Haven Boys & Girl's Club at 723 Longrun Road in Valparaiso.