NorthShore Throws a Baby Shower for Expectant Moms

Having a baby is no walk in the park. Expectant mothers not only need continual medical monitoring, but also emotional and mental support as they bring new life into the world. The Prenatal Care Coordination Program at NorthShore Health Centers is designed to provide such support for those expecting, through every stage of the pregnancy. On August 29,, 2013, the program hosted their first Baby Shower for 3rd trimester mothers!

The purpose of the baby shower is to bring these mothers together,” stated Evelyn Turner, Prenatal Care Coordinator Nurse Manager. “All of these moms are in the same stage of their pregnancy so this is an opportunity for them to network with other moms, a nice way to experience a baby shower.”

Mothers were treated to a delicious lunch while various speakers presented on pregnancy and infant education, including the program coordinators and a representative from Anthem, who helped sponsor the event. A demonstration was given on how to use a Matriarch Maternity support brace. Baskets full of goodies were raffled off and each mom went home with a gift bag and a pack ‘n play, as a part of the Safe to Sleep campaign, which seeks to end sleep-related infant death.

Turner hopes to host a baby shower for expectant moms every other month, along with a “mommy’s day out,” which would focus on the needs of the mother, such as providing clothing, raffles for spa treatments, all to make the mothers feel special.

These moms have gone the extra mile to be in this program,” Turner shared. “So we want to go the extra mile for them.”

This is a dream come true for me,” she continued. “This is all about making a healthy pregnancy exciting, getting the mothers involved. This is the passion that I have.

Jessica Robb, a NorthShore employee and expectant mom, spoke highly of the event and the Prenatal Care Coordination Program. “They do give a lot of education,” she said. “This is a nice program with a lot offered, from breast feeding classes to car seat demonstrations, and information on the different services offered at NorthShore.”

We’re excited to celebrate with our NorthShore families and provide them with additional support and education for a healthy baby and in their first year of parenthood,” stated Michelle Higel, Community Outreach Coordinator. “We’re their medical home, offering care, support, education, and community services,” she continued, stressing the program’s goal to address and lower the rates of premature births and infant mortality.

I want to thank Anthem, NorthShore, and my staff,” Turner said, praising her team for their hard work in not only hosting the program, but making it happen, as many of the staff donated items for the raffles. “The more we can do for these mothers, the better off they will be.”