Northwest Indiana Helps Send Homemade Cookies, Dog Treats to Troops and K-9 Heroes Overseas

Bomber-Girls-Donation-2014On January 18, 2014, at the VFW 2511 in Porter, Indiana, people from all over Northwest Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan brought in cookies and dog treats and even dog beds to send over to our men and women and K-9's serving overseas.

This event is our fourth year with helping out The Bomber Girls LRC ladies riding club out of Savannah, GA . We managed to collect 1,193 dozen cookies, 1,200 valentines and over 1,000 dozen dog treats.

This was all accomplished by the generous and heartfelt actions of many people for which we are very grateful. In turn, we also raised $3,200 in donations to help ship those packages overseas.

Thank you so much to everyone!!!! You can find some of the thank you letters on the Bomber Girls LRC facebook page.

We will be doing the Bomber Girls Cookie Drive again next year, so please watch for the details in November of 2014 for the January 2015 Bomber Girls Cookie Drive.