Northwest Indiana’s Newest Bad Boy Dealer

By: Contributor Last Updated: April 18, 2012

Heinold-Feller-Bad-Boy-Mower-1With a reputation of bringing quality equipment to Northwest Indiana, Heinold and Feller Tire and Lawn Equipment is proud to bring the Bad Boy Mowers line to their store! These zero-turn mowers, made in the USA, offer strength and power at a “really good price point,” shared Lawn and Garden Manager Greg Fiedler.

Bad Boy Mowers create their machines to make a perfect cut, every time. Each mower offers unique features to meet this goal:

Adaptability: Adjustable outer wall, with tapered front leading edge, allows operator to adapt to any and all conditions. Whether it is lush or wiry grass, our deck presents the best cut.

Volume: 5.5” elongated deep deck increases grass tunnel allowing deck to endure more volume while maintaining superior cut quality without sacrificing cutting speed.

Heinold-Feller-Bad-Boy-Mower-2Velocity: Extended discharge area for higher output and increased discharge volume. Reduces buildup of clippings and promotes even dispersal.

Strength: Unmatched solid steel, all-welded 5-gauge construction throughout entire deck with additional 5-gauge skirt on leading edge. Built to last a lifetime.

Vacuum: Redesigned inner baffles create more suction and maximum airflow to elevate grass more evenly throughout deck to achieve an exceptional cut every time.

The mowers feature tough engines from Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, and Kawasaki. The sides of the mower swing open for easy access for cleaning and maintenance. Some models even feature electronic deck lifts.

There are also cash rebates offered on Bad Boy Mower purchases, as much as $500 back!

For more information on Bad Boy Mowers, stop by Heinold and Feller Tire and Lawn Equipment!