Oak Partners Celebrates Referrals with Client Advocacy Night

Oak Partners Celebrates Referrals with Client Advocacy Night

Oak Partners, Inc. shows gratitude every holiday season by honoring those who have made the company’s success multiply. Wednesday’s Client Advocacy Night celebrated the loyalty of Oak Partners’ current clients and their referral of new ones.

Crystal DeHaven, director of client experience, said that Client Advocacy Night is for "clients who have referred someone in 2016."

"It’s a big thank you and a way to honor people who have advocated for Oak this year.”

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All of the 120 guests had referred someone in their life to the investment company.

Karen and Mike Mashura found out about Oak Partners through their friends, Jim and Theresa Florek. The Mashuras, impressed with the personalized service they received, referred seven more people.

“You get to talk to them as much as you want,” Mike Mashura said. “They are available to you.”

“If you send them an email they are quick to respond,” Karen added in agreement.

Referred customers are statistically four times more likely to refer additional people. Client Advocacy Night was a living example of the phenomenon that is word of mouth: each person could point out another that referred them. Many of the Oak Partners clients are friends or somehow connected.

Doug Achterhof and his wife were introduced to Oak Partners by Linda Kommers, who the met from their church.

“I was reluctant to do anything through an investment company because I didn’t want to feel pressured," Achterhof said. "[Kommers] convinced me to go to a dinner. I didn’t feel pressured at all. I’ve been coming ever since.”

Achterhof’s resulting vocal support for Oak Partners won him Advocate of the Year in 2016. He and four others were recognized at the Client Advocacy Night.

Bridget Shoemaker, an advisor with Oak Partners, said, “It’s a big compliment when [our clients] refer others. We work really hard at providing outstanding service. To us, they aren’t just clients. They are our friends. It’s very gratifying to have new people come on board.”

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