Oak Partners Celebrates Their Annual Margarita Night

Oak Partners Celebrates Their Annual Margarita Night
By: Lydia Gierke Last Updated: May 26, 2017

Inside Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant on Thursday night, the loud chatter turned to even louder laughter as Oak Partners passed red noses to over 150 clients in celebration of Red Nose Day during their eighth annual Margarita Mingle.

The clients and partners had gathered for the signature Oak Partners event, which Director of Client Experience Crystal DeHaven said is one of the largest that the group puts on, for a night of socialization where everyone could relax and mingle with each other.

Since Red Nose Day 2017 fell on the same night, Oak Partners made a donation so they could supply red noses. For many, the noses added to the casual, fun atmosphere.

“We all looked silly,” said Sherry Boer. “It was for a good cause, for the children.”

Around her, the others at the table nodded along and echoed how important they thought it was to support Red Nose Day, an annual campaign that aims to save children from poverty.

“Anything for a good cause, we’re in,” said Janet Snyder from across the table.

Margarita Mingle began as a spring kickoff eight years ago in Oak Partners’ office with only about 30 or 40 attendees, DeHaven said. At the beginning, the group brought in giant margarita machines and ordered catering for their clients.

They decided to move to Abuelo’s when the event grew too big for the space three years ago.

Now, people showed up early, before the 5:30 start time, because they were excited about the margaritas and buffet of Mexican food. An hour later, very few had left.

The group was so big that it took over the bar and about half the main dining area. They chatted with friends and advisers. In their conversations, they talked to each other about a variety of topics, ranging from their children and grandchildren to how helpful Oak Partners has been in their lives.

DeHaven said events like these give advisers a chance to ask about the clients’ lives and families to build a good relationship that follows them back to the office.

One of the many Oak Partners clients in attendance, Pam Drangmeister, said she goes to Oak Partners events about once every three months. She likes the opportunity to socialize with partners and the friends she doesn’t get to see every day. In addition, it helps her see how much time and attention Oak Partners brings to everything they do.

“It shows the appreciation they have for their clients,” Drangmeister said.

Partner and wealth adviser Marc Ruiz agreed. He said he uses the time during Margarita Mingle to stay connected with many clients while enjoying the great food and drinks.

“Clients love it because it’s casual,” Ruiz said. “It’s all about the relationships and the ability to hang out and enjoy each other.”

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