Oak Partners Gives Real, Relevant Advice in Making Finance Personal

Oak Partners Gives Real, Relevant Advice in Making Finance Personal

Once a week, men of Oak Partners, Inc. gather to discuss the financial future of the people. Mike Barancyk – Partner and Wealth Advisor, Jason Urbaniak - Partner and Wealth Advisor, and Steve Kavois - Partner and Wealth Advisor combine their knowledge of investing and the financial markets in their radio show Making Finance Personal. The show airs at 9am every Monday on WJOB AM 1230.

“This actually started as two radio shows,” Barancyk said. “I started with a show on NPR 89.1 and about a year after that Steve, Jason, and our other Partner, Mario [Ruiz], started one so this is a blending of those shows and it’s been going on for about five years.”

“Making Finance Personal started because we are practicing financial planners,” Urbaniak said. “There are other radio hosts who do this but they don’t work in the financial markets anymore so their information is a bit dated. We wanted to be the guys who give up-to-date advice since we will work with finance. The show provides hardcore blunt truth.”

That day’s show specifically targeted financial advice for those in their 60s. It was the last in a series of shows that began with people in their 20s, then 30s, etc.

“We can give tips and tell people things that they should do so they can help make sure they are able to retire and mistakes that you can avoid,” Kavois said.

Dan Wolfe, Producer, and Crystal DeHaven, Director of Client Experience and Marketing sat outside the recording room in the studio in Crown Point. This was a historical moment for WJOB as this was the first time that Making Finance Personal was recorded in a remote location outside of the WJOB headquarters in Hammond.

“This is the first time we’ve recorded live from a separate studio,” Wolfe said. “It’s not an easy thing to do and we had to get special equipment for it. We have a studio in Crown Point where we can record and then send the shows in later, but this is the first live recording.”

“This show provides practical tools that you can use,” Crystal said. “They’ll talk about retirement myths, financial mistakes to avoid, recent market trends, and more. People can call in and ask questions and our guys would be happy to advise them.”

So the next time you are driving to work or near a radio or computer on a Monday morning, turn it to WJOB to hear what Oak Partners has to say!

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