Oak Partners Host Clients For ‘State Of The Markets’

Oak Partners Host Clients For ‘State Of The Markets’

On Wednesday, Oak Partners, Inc. invited clients to the Lighthouse Restaurant in Lake Village for a lovely dinner and a State of the Markets presentation, which gave investors a chance to gain insight into the current state of the financial markets.

“It’s a very exciting time to be an investor,” said Marc Ruiz, Wealth Advisor at Oak Partners. “The practice is evolving all the time. Five or ten years ago it was all about retirement and that was our big focus. Now, with the tools we have, things have moved towards more outside the box thinking with a greater focus on legacy. We’ve really been able to adapt and help find the best solutions for our clients. We serve those people seeking financial independence. Fundamental to that is understanding what our investors are trying to accomplish.”

These tools have allowed Oak Partners to build more diverse strategies and plans for their investors, and then implement each plan differently depending on the individual clients needs. Communication and being fully involved in the relationship between investor and advisor are very important.

OakPartnersStateoftheMarket2Presenting the State of the Markets was David McGarel, Chief Investment Officer with First Trust Portfolios.

“There’s so much noise and political agendas out there that a lot of the real data gets lost in all that,” said McGarel. “There’s real value in investments and that’s what I wanted to show here tonight.”

McGarel spoke about the recession in the late 2000’s, and how things have turned around since then.

“‘08 and ‘09 were very trying times,” he said. “We had taken on far too much debt and by then we’d reached the highest debt levels since the late 1980’s. People were buying homes like we buy stocks! Prices had reached ridiculous levels.”


Consumers have worked hard over the last five years to pay down this debt and in many areas economic conditions have returned to the way they were before the financial crisis. U.S. companies are bringing jobs back home and gathering more momentum. We’ve been adding 250,000 jobs per month over the last year. New, innovative means of production is creating new industries and more job opportunities.

“Things are getting better,” McGarel continued, “Deficits and unemployment have shrunk and the auto industry has returned to normal. American companies got their houses in order very quickly and most were stronger than ever by 2010. Foreign corporations are looking to operate in the U.S. because of our more sophisticated technologies and a more skilled workforce.”

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