Oak Partners, Inc. Connects with Clients at Sunset Social

Oak Partners, Inc. Connects with Clients at Sunset Social
By: Contributor Last Updated: May 25, 2018

Oak Partners, Inc. is well-known for the excellent retirement and wealth advice they offer their clients, but they are even more popular for the many social events they hold throughout the year. This Thursday, they invited their clients to the Sunset Social on the beautiful patio of the Lighthouse Restaurant just off of Cedar Lake. The event was a hit for all in attendance, complete with good food, cocktails, and a beautiful sunset.

“We’ve never missed one! They’d have to cancel it if we weren’t here,” laughed Mike Dunn, a loyal client of Oak Partners. Dunn and his wife, Mary, have been long-time friends with the people at Oak Partners. They moved to Texas two years ago but made it a priority to stop by the event while visiting family in Northwest Indiana. “I think these events get better and better each year.”

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The Sunset Social is designed to serve as a reunion for many clients, partners, and shareholders. The event has grown so much that they had to find a larger location to hold their 180 guests.

“Our theory on money management is that if you’re going to be a large firm, you have to have the infrastructure to make sure the clients are getting taken care of as well,” said Jason Urbaniak, Managing Partner and Wealth Advisor at Oak Partners. “By doing these events it allows for clients to actually see us, ask us questions about the market, and get updates in a casual [atmosphere] rather than just meetings all the time... It allows them to get to know us better.”

Relaxing on the patio of the Lighthouse Restaurant, clients and partners interacted in a comfortable, informal setting without the pressures typically associated with finances and wealth planning.

“Eventually, in financial planning and investing, markets will cause stress,” said Marc Ruiz, Team Leader and Partner for the Principal Management Group. “So it’s important to have a strong bond and relationship so that we can endure that stress together.”

To elevate that stress, Oak Partners holds 30 to 40 social and educational events throughout the year. These events are reflections of the way the wealth management firm does business.

While Olen and his wife may be new to the firm, they have found that events like this allow them to meet new people and truly become a member of the Oak Partner community.

“We’ve become friends with our clients as well,” said Urbaniak. “To be able to see them have fun like this and stick with us as long as they have... It’s awesome that business comes full circle like that.”

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