Oak Partners, Inc. Hosts Social Security Seminar For Northwest Indiana Residents

Oak Partners, Inc. recently hosted an informative seminar at Gino’s Steakhouse in Merrilllville for people wishing to learn more about social security and managing their benefits as they get older.

Guests of the event were treated to an hour-long session led by Wealth Advisor, Bridget Shoemaker, that aimed to help people learn about the many facets of social security and why it’s important for them to be proactive when it comes to planning their retirement.

Shoemaker noted that a lot of people she had spoke with had many questions about navigating the many roads of social security, which is why she felt it was important to learn everything she could about social security and host these events.

“We get so many questions about social security from our clients,” Shoemaker said. “And I don’t think there’s a lot of Financial Advisors out there that take it upon themselves to learn everything they can about it.”

Ed Pilawski, an attendee of the event, was one of those people at the seminar today that had a lot of questions about managing their social security.

“I wanted to learn more about social security because I’ll be taking it in two years,” Pilawski told Ideas In Motion Media before the seminar. “I am interested in how everything comes together with my own investments and my social security.”

Shoemaker added that in a lot of ways, managing your social security benefits is a lot like managing your own personal investments; in that it’s ideally something you want to start learning about and planning for before you're eligible.

“Social Security is not going to put together a plan for you,” Shoemaker said. “It’s such a personal, customizable decision that it’s really good to work with a planner.”

At Oak Partners, Shoemaker noted, you’ll get that personalized touch with a knowledgeable professional and state-of-the-art software that can show you a number of scenarios and options that help make the road for navigating social security clearer.

This was the first social security based seminar for Oak Partners, Inc. this year, but they plan to host at least two more in 2015.

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