OE’s Intake Specialist Retires ‘Fulfilled and Happy’

OE-Carolyn-FlahiveOpportunity Enterprises is honored to announce the retirement of Carolyn Flahive, who has served as OE’s Intake Specialist for nearly 23 years. Flahive has introduced hundreds of families to the services OE provides trough tours, information, and her own unique personal touch.

“I’ve met so many incredible people. OE offers families and individuals with disabilities a gentler kinder environment and any support that they might need. We give them time and give them hope. People need the comfort of knowing that we able to help them in some capacity,” said Flahive.

Flahive said part of her job was to give families ideas and suggestions for that next step regarding their loved one. Spring and summer seasons are the busiest time of year for intake, offering services for young men and women with disabilities who are looking for the next journey after graduating from school.

“OE is a premier agency in Northwest Indiana and a stepping stone for a lot of people. It is an integral part of our community,” she said.

Flahive was already serving as Intake Specialist when OE doubled in size in 1996. Flahive foresees more expansion for OE. Amongst the years of enhancements and transitions, she said OE has always maintained its integrity.

“I’ve seen a lot of change for the good and for the better. The people who have been my supervisor, have enabled me to do the best job I could throughout the years”, said Flahive. “I love the community, the people in my life and the longtime friends I’ve made at OE. My life has been incredible. I am fulfilled and happy.”

Flahive has been a vital asset to OE’s mission to maximize self-sufficiency and enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities, and was awarded a Lifetime Gem Award for her work.

This year, Flahive plans to move to northern Virginia with her husband to be closer to her daughter who lives in Washington, DC.