Office of State-Based Initiatives Releases Annual Report

state-flag-indianaThe Office of State-Based Initiatives (OSBI) recently released its annual report detailing the economic cost of federal regulations, as well as how the federal government limits the ability of the states to implement creative solutions to problems they face. The report can be found attached.

“Hoosier ingenuity is the solution to untangling Indiana from burdensome federal regulations that stifle our economy and hinder growth,” said Governor Mike Pence. “In its annual report, the Office of State-Based Initiatives has taken steps to detail these costly policies and identify areas for improvement. I commend the office’s leadership for their efforts, and I am confident they will continue to promote the principles of federalism for the betterment of Hoosier businesses, families, and innovation in the years ahead.”

Governor Pence signed Executive Order 13-20 in July of 2013 to transform the Office of Federal Grants and Procurement into the Office of State-Based Initiatives. The OSBI is tasked with coordinating with state agencies to perform a cost-benefit analysis on every federal grant opportunity; working with agencies to develop block grant contingency plans; tracking the costs of federal regulations by studying data, surveying businesses, and talking to Hoosiers; and publishing an annual study of these costs and sharing it with Indiana’s Congressional Delegation.