Oh Where, Oh Where Is My Favorite Flavor?

Oh Where, Oh Where Is My Favorite Flavor?

Sometimes having too many options is a good thing, especially when it comes to the many, many frozen custard flavors offered at Culver’s Restaurant.

You’re on your way to the La Porte Avenue, Valparaiso Culver’s, looking forward to your favorite custard flavor: Chocolate Oreo Volcano. It’s a unique flavor, one that is bursting with chocolate, peanut butter, and candy. You’ve been looking forward to this treat all week…

“Flavor of the Day: Chocolate Covered Banana” the sign reads, and your smiling face drops as tears gather in your eyes.

What do you do now?
Don’t let this tragedy happen to you by installing the Culver’s phone app.

With one simple download, you will receive daily notices from Culver’s and not just about the one down the street.

The app shows the closest Culver’s location to where you are and all the branches within the area. For Northwest Indiana residents that includes, Valpo, Chesterton, Portage, Michigan City, Schererville, La Porte, Highland, Merrillville, Crown Point, and Lansing.

Culvers-Favorite-Flavor-2017_02With ease, you can set up your top flavors, share them on social networks, and see which location is offering which flavor. You can also plan ahead your Culver’s trip with the Flavor Forecast. It’s like the weather, but with sprinkles instead of snow.

Within the app, you can find all nutritional and allergen information so you know exactly what has arrived steaming on your plate, or dripping off the side of your mixer cup.

Reviewers on the iPhone App voiced their opinions on the latest app update:

SaundraB8 said, “This app is simple to use. If you love Culver’s, you’ll love this app. My favorite part is the Flavor Forecast.”

Jo AnnB said, “This app is wonderful, but not so great for the diet. However, I’m flavor informed all the time! And, making more trips to Culver’s more than ever! Uh-oh, but yummmm!”

So, whether you are always in search of that one special flavor, or on a quest to taste them all, download the Culver’s app. Follow Culver’s on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for additional updates and perks!