One-hour Documentary “Going Rolling” Film About the Town of Rolling Prairie Indiana to Air on South Bend Michiana WNIT PBS-TV, November 19th at 5:00pm CST

Rick-Erwin-MediaRick Erwin Media’S one hour documentary “Going Rolling” is a unique look at the town of Rolling Prairie, it’s history and people that lived, thrived and prospered during the town’s heydays between 1920 and 1960 when this sleepy little town’s main road, U.S. Route Twenty ran right through the downtown district from Chicago to New York City. At one time Rolling Prairie had three grocery stores, thirteen gas stations and a world class restaurant, The Peacock Fountain Inn that served travelers such as Bob Hope and Clark Gable. Just passing through with a camera, Erwin talked and filmed many of the town’s residents who still remembered the 1920’s, the great depression and a simpler life as folks moved throughout the region on their cracky wagons.

Rick Erwin Media is an award winning video/film production company that specializes in documentary films. Working with local businesses, historians and the Chamber of Commerce, REM prepares broadcast quality programs for local PBS stations pursuant to state of the art HD quality standards and time requirements. The finished program’s are then presented to PBS affiliates for broadcast in their local area.

Programs feature the town's history through original and archived video, photographs and local on-camera resident interviews with moving music, effects and narration, then presented as it’s own YOUR TOWN STORY to the world. Not only is this a perfect way to preserve your town's rich history, it’s also a splendid vehicle for promoting your town to other businesses, tourists and historians.

From past programs we’ve also featured live broadcasts as an all town celebration and potluck live screening at local community centers. Local residents watch the broadcast live knowing not only are they viewing this program, but thousands if not millions of others may be tuning in at the same time. It’s easy to see that these events, along with pride and nostalgia, bring notoriety and community unity right to the forefront. Copies of the videos are then available for their Chamber of Commerce, community groups, local businesses and manufacturers to use as a promotional tool to further instill pride and attract other prospective companies, customers and clients to their region, giving them an intimate look at just how special YOUR TOWN STORY and its people are. This is an exciting, unique and powerful tool that never gets old.

For more details and a preview link to view other video samples that Rick Erwin Media has successfully produced and broadcast please contact us to get your show on the road!