Open Public Auditions, Callbacks for Theatre Northwest’s ‘Hedda Gabler’ set for Sept. 14, 15

rot1Theatre Northwest, the performance company of the Indiana University Northwest Department of Performing Arts, has announced open auditions for the fall production of “Hedda Gabler,” a psychological drama by Henrik Ibsen and adapted by Jon Robin Baitz in 2002.

Open auditions are scheduled for 6 p.m., Monday, Sept. 14. Additional open auditions and callbacks will be at 6 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 15. The auditions will take place at Theatre Northwest on Grant, located at 3660 Grant Street in Gary, just three blocks west of the IU Northwest campus and next to Arts on Grant.

Auditions are open to everyone. IU Northwest students regardless of their academic major are invited to audition as well as actors and actresses from the general community. No previous theatre experience is required.

All those auditioning are advised to wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes and be prepared to read cuttings from the script, available at

“Hedda Gabler” takes place in the new residence of George and Hedda Tesman, Christiana, Norway in the late 1890s. Fresh from their honeymoon trip abroad, George (a stuffy history professor) and Hedda (the most popular and sought after woman in town) arrive to their lavish new home. Surrounded by fawning admirers and pressured to have children and domesticate, Hedda is an intelligent and capable woman trapped and powerless.

As her T490 Capstone Project, IU Northwest Senior Theatre Major Amanda Tomczak will play the lead role of Hedda (Gabler) Tesman, the daughter of a wealthy general who has recently died. Popular, attractive, intelligent, but bored, lonely and growing desperate at the way her life is progressing.

The six remaining roles, three men and three women, which can be played by any actor, regardless of age or race, include:

Dr. George Tesman – A stuffy academic who recently received his doctorate in history. He is very good at organizing and categorizing data, but not so good at understanding his wife. He has gone deep into debt in order to buy luxuries for his wife to live with the expectation of starting a new job at the University.

Miss Julia Tesman – George’s elderly aunt who cares for her dying sister in their nearby home. She is thrilled that George is married and eager for a new baby in the family, but is worried that Hedda is “too expensive” for her nephew.

Mrs. Thea Elvsted – Wife of the Commissioner Elvsted, but has run away to follow Lovborg, with whom she is in love. She has been Lovborg’s partner in writing his two new books, but fears that he may return to drinking at any moment.

Judge Brack – A powerful older man and close friend of George and Hedda. Although he is a very respected man in public, behind closed doors he has “decadent” tastes.

Eilert Lovborg – A historian whose recent book has gotten a lot of attention and put him in competition with Tesman for a University post. Also a former suitor of Hedda, and jealous of her marriage to Tesman. Finally, a recovering alcoholic, whose will power is hanging by a thread.

Berta – A lifelong employee of the Tesman family, she serves as the housemaid for the new estate.

In addition to actors and actresses, Theatre Northwest is looking for backstage help. Those interested in stage management, costumes, properties, lighting, set construction and painting may contact Tim O’Donnell, technical director, at

Rehearsals are scheduled from 6 to 9 p.m., Monday through Thursday from September 17 to November 4. Additional weekend rehearsal times will be added as opening night approaches. Those auditioning must be available for a majority of the rehearsals and must declare rehearsal conflicts before being cast.

Performances of “Hedda Gabler” are scheduled for November 5-7, 12-14 at 7:30 p.m., as well as Sunday, Nov. 8 at 2:30 p.m.

For more information about open auditions, contact Mark Baer at