Opportunity Enterprises 23rd Annual Gala Creates ‘Perfect Fit’

There’s a perfect fit for everyone. On Saturday night, many people got to experience what a ‘perfect fit’ really meant when they attended Opportunity Enterprises’ 23rd Annual Gala. Nearly 700 sponsors, clients, and donors gathered to eat, drink and celebrate Opportunity Enterprises and the amazing work they do around The Region.

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From their programs, signs, and videos it was apparent that the theme of the event was “the Perfect Fit”. The phrase has gained entirely appropriate connotations to OE’s mission, and it couldn’t have been a better way to describe what the night was all about.

Ellen DeMartinis,Opportunity Enterprises’ CEO, agreed that it was the greatest way to describe what OE does.

“That’s what we try to be, the perfect fit. Everyone has different needs and are diverse, and what we do is try and find that perfect fit for each of our clients,” says DeMartinis.

DeMartinis went on to say that though the night was a celebration for those people who have found their perfect fit within OE’s facilities and programs, the funding that has been raised through the gala is what is the largest takeaway from the evening. Before the night even got started they had raised $125,000 to fund their programs, and that’s something that will leave an impact on their clients.

“Funding for services is changing all the time,” DeMartinis continued,” so we’re always having to shift how we provide services and finding new ways to do more with less. We’re in the business of amazing people and to know us is to love us. Supporting children and adults with disabilities requires the support of many and our efforts tonight will have a great impact on the lives of the incredible people we serve every day.”

Not only was money being raised through tickets and sponsors, there was also a live and silent auction going on throughout the night that was full of lavish and wonderful prizes. Through betting on the gifts, trips, and experiences they were able to raise thousands of dollars within a short hour. The night also continued with various speeches, a musical performance, and a few short video presentations.

It was clear to anyone who came that Opportunity Enterprises has a lot of love and support from the community they provide their services to. Annie O’Connor was attending on behalf of Smiths Medical, a sponsor who uses Opportunity Enterprises shipping products within their business, couldn’t been more proud to be one of the attendees who were there to show their admiration.

“It’s a very elegant evening, but the real heart of it are the amazing people of this organization,” O’Connor said, “O.E. is an incredible, incredible place and we need to get the word out so more people know about the great work they’re doing. I can’t imagine someone not supporting what they do.”

It’s no doubt that the overwhelming sense of support was hitting not only the attendees, but even more so with the people of OE. Lindsey Fay, a direct support professional for Opportunity Enterprises and came with a few of OE’s beautifully dressed clients, said that it was her first time coming to the annual gala - but it was obvious from the start that the support for their organization was tremendous.

“It’s amazing to see so many people show up to the event and support us. The room is huge and it’s full of people!” Fay stated. “It’s really been great to be here with everyone tonight to show our support and see others.”

In the end it was an incredible night for an incredible cause. The work of both Opportunity Enterprises and the sponsors and donors ensures that this event will continue to be a success. Through that success, it allows disadvantaged children and adults in Northwest Indiana a chance at a more rewarding and prosperous life, and at the end of the night that’s what really, and truly, matters.