Opportunity Enterprises Has Joined Tix4Cause.com

By: Opportunity Enterprises Last Updated: August 11, 2010

Opportunity Enterprises has joined Tix4Cause.com— an innovative ticket exchange website— to offer a novel way for supporters to donate. tix-4-cause

Finding new sources of donations to help fund our mission is always a top priority,” said OE Events and Stewardship Manager Allison Thomas, . “Our affiliation with Tix4Cause makes this simple with 24/7/365 access to donations that we might not have received otherwise.”

The Tix4Cause website provides an online platform where ticketholders are empowered to donate unwanted tickets to OE, and may receive a tax deduction. Buyers then purchase these tickets, often at very reasonable prices, and Tix4Cause passes 100% of the proceeds onto OE.

Tix4Cause handles every aspect of customer service including ticket processing and handling, and offers the site as a cost-efficient, low maintenance solution to turn non-monetary donations into dollars.

The majority of charities in the U.S. raised less money in 2009 than the year before; it’s clear that the downturned economy has had a crippling effect on giving. But, with just one unfilled seat, Tix4Cause makes it easy for ticketholders to give generously to OE. Just think what we can do with thousands of empty seats,” said Kevin Nemetz, CEO of Tix4Cause.com. oe_logo

About Tix4Cause.com:
Tix4Cause.com was founded in 2009 when Kevin Nemetz, CEO, was inspired to turn empty event seats into something “good.” The website was born of a simple, yet innovative concept—to connect donors, charities, and interested buyers of entertainment tickets, and give 100% of the proceeds to a worthy cause. Tix4Cause currently services a variety of organizations, as well as missions, and is open to including all qualifying charities.

For more information on Tix4Cause, visit www.tix4cause.com.

About Opportunity Enterprises
Since 1967, OE has been a non-profit organization which creates sustainable life choices and opportunities for individuals with unique challenges and abilities. Today, OE serves 1,100 adults and children with disabilities in Porter County and throughout Northwest Indiana. For more information, visit www.oppent.org.