Opportunity Enterprises Part of Energizing Indiana Program

By: Opportunity Enterprises Last Updated: November 14, 2012

Energizing-IndianaOpportunity Enterprises is partnering with NIPSCO and Energizing Indiana to raise money for its programs and services. For each supporter who completes an Energizing Indiana Home Energy Assessment or participates in the NIPSCO Air Conditioner (AC) Cycling program through OE, the agency will receive $25. If the supporter participates in both, OE receives $50.

Residential Home Energy Assessments from Energizing Indiana are FREE and involve an Energy Advisor guiding you step by step though the process to produce long-term, cost-effective energy savings by analyzing your energy use, recommending appropriate efficiency measures and by installing several low-cost energy-saving measures in your home which may include replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with efficient CFLs, installing low-flow faucet aerators, installing low-flow shower heads, and adding an insulations wrap to your electric water heater.

The NIPSCO AC Cycling program helps manage the demand for electricity during peak usage periods, can reduce the need for costly energy production and lessen the burden on the environment. For participating, the NIPSCO customer will receive a $10 per month credit on his/her monthly bill during the months of June through September.

To support OE through these programs, visit http://www.oppent.org/energizing-indiana.

Energizing Indiana is a statewide partnership among Indiana’s electric utilities, including NIPSCO, and consumer advocates that offers electric energy efficiency programs to help achieve state-established electric usage reduction goals.

Since 1967, OE has been a non-profit organization which creates sustainable life choices and opportunities for individuals with unique challenges and abilities. Today, OE serves 1,100 adults and children with disabilities in Porter County and throughout Northwest Indiana. For more information, visit www.oppent.org.