Opportunity Enterprises: What Does It Feel Like to Belong?

Opportunity Enterprises: What Does It Feel Like to Belong?
By: Opportunity Enterprises Last Updated: July 26, 2018

Could you picture, for a moment, having nowhere to go? No one to care?

John and Robert are brothers in their fifties who both have disabilities. They were born in a generation where resources for people with disabilities were few. Their mother did not want to put them in an institution, so she kept them at home. They had very limited schooling and social interaction.

After their mother passed away, John took on the role of caregiver, making sure Robert was safe in the best way he knew how. But they were isolated. When we met John and Robert, they wouldn't talk or let us know their needs. They had learned over time what each other needed without even having to say it. Having not spent long in school or out experiencing everyday life like you and me made for a bit of a rough transition when they first arrived at OE.

But now, because of you, John and Robert take part in OE's day programs where their days are filled with new friends and learning activities like cooking, computers, exercise, and art. You make Belonging a possibility! Because of your support of OE, you allowed John and Robert to experience friendship, communication, and learning in a thriving environment.

But there are 30! others waiting to experience the growth and satisfaction that John and Robert have. Will you make a gift today so those on the waiting list can have the same opportunities John and Robert have had?