Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana Employee Spotlight – Chris Grow

Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana Employee Spotlight – Chris Grow

For Chris Grow, Salesman at Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana, hard-work and humility go hand in hand.

“I’ll fill whatever role or position needed,” Grow said. “There’s no job that’s not your job. If someone’s not there, you fill in, if something’s not getting done, you help out. I’m happy to contribute.”

Growing up in Rensselaer on a family-owned farm in its sixth generation, Grow learned the value of staying busy and diving into your passions. 

“Working on a farm gives you a strong work ethic,” he said. “I started working at the age of ten and learned to work hard. You learned the importance of having a job, doing the job, and getting it done, no matter what”

Grow eventually went on to study at Drake University in Des Moines, IA where he studied Finance Bank Management. A couple of years and moves later, Grow found himself in Illinois working for a plumbing company. He started working in the warehouse and quickly rose to the top as Vice President/General Manager. 

“Nobody could tell me how hard something was because I had already done it. I didn’t miss any steps going up the ladder,” Grow said.

The success Grow found was thanks to his dedication, hard work, and willingness to learn all that he could about the company.

“The more you know, the more valuable you are to the company-- the more you can do to move the company forward,” he said.

Grow now brings those characteristics to Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana, where he is finding much joy in his new position. With his outgoing personality and his desire to help customers, it’s a great fit. Having those one-on-one interactions with customers is a driving force for him.

“I love it. Looking back, I’ve been working for 36 years, and I can say that this is probably the most enjoyable job I’ve ever had,” Grow said. “I get to work with people, solve their problems, and hopefully make their day and put a smile on their face. I really look forward to coming into work each morning.” 

Ever the hard worker, Grow foresees a long future at Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana, one that will be full of helping the customers he loves to serve.

“I like to stay active and keep contributing and working with people,” Grow said. “I have no desire to retire, I want to keep working.”

Grow is happy to be back in Indiana. He has deep roots here—his family were the first non-native settlers in Jasper County and the family farm is still standing to this day. Now living in Crown Point, he enjoys the community feel that the city has worked to establish through Bulldog Park, Farmers Markets, and other community events and resources. 

“The nice thing about Indiana is the friendliness of the people,” Grow said. “I love the community and the people.”

In his free time, Grow enjoys capturing the beauty of landscapes and candid moments through photography. He has traveled the country, enjoying long hikes and the sweeping landscapes. He has some pretty ambitious goals for photography, as well. 

“If I could shoot for National Geographic, that would be an awesome thing,” Grow said. 

No matter what Grow takes on in his life, he goes full force, and that is just what makes him all the more successful.

“You set out to do something and you do it,” Grow said.

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