Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana preps your garage for winter with special doors, expert maintenance

Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana preps your garage for winter with special doors, expert maintenance

With another Region winter setting in, time is running out to complete all of the seasonal maintenance. As you prepare your home for the snow and cold, be sure not to overlook your home’s biggest moving part – the garage door.

In their many years of service around the community, Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana has noticed that it is all too common for homeowners to let their garage doors slip from their minds until something goes wrong. The doors are huge, with a lot of individual parts that can wear down – a risk that increases over the winter.

“In general, things get brittle and break in the cold,” said Jeffery Cameron, Marketing Coordinator at Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana. “That means springs, cables, hardware, and really any other metal part, have an increased chance of giving out during the winter. Additionally, the bottom seal can freeze to the ground if water collects around the door.”

There are signs that indicate you should call in experts like those at Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana for maintenance.

“Listen for any loud noises, screeching, grinding, and other things like that,” Cameron said. “Look to see if the door is running smoothly, or if it’s jerking or stopping intermittently. If you notice any of that, our maintenance can help identify track spacing, spring tension, and other common issues that keep your door from running smoothly and quietly.”

They also offer insulated door options that can help separate your garage from the elements.

“We offer both double sided steel Thermacore Doors and vinyl back options,” Cameron said. “Thermacore Doors are designed after industrial freezer walls, which makes them a great barrier from the cold in a heated or insulated garage. Vinyl back is in our Traditional Steel series, and offers less insulation value, but will still get the job done in the winter.”

Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana is currently running a special offer on their Destiny 1200 Wi-Fi door opener. It’s as high-tech as an opener can get, offering Wi-Fi and smart phone control capabilities, unique safety, monitoring, and security options. It usually retails for $750, but is on sale for $550.

“Don’t put off getting service done, or getting in our schedule for a sales estimate,” Cameron said. “A lot of people are trying to get things done before winter, and spots go fast!”

To learn more about Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana, visit them at www.overheaddoornwi.com.