Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana thanks Quint’s Signs Overnite for their vehicle wraps

Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana thanks Quint’s Signs Overnite for their vehicle wraps

In today’s business world, branding is imperative, and finding ways to make sure your brand can be seen by as many people as possible is not easy. For Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana, the answer to this challenge was cut and dry—invest in wraps for their vehicles from Quint’s Signs Overnite.

After purchasing a quality fleet of vehicles for their technicians to use, Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana looked to Quint’s Signs Overnite in Schererville to create wraps for the vehicles. Sales Coordinator Nathan Carrasquillo designed the wrap with help from Jeremy at Quint's Signs Overnite. Once the design was finalized, each fleet vehicle was wrapped, taking about 48 hours to complete the entire process.

“It is important to maintain a constant branding image to show longevity and consistency in any small service business. Consumers like to know that you have been there and will be there for a long time,” Carrasquillosaid.

Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana knew that shiny new vehicles alone were not going to be enough. Why send out plain vehicles to service calls? Driving vehicles that look good and spread awareness of the company is the best course of action. Quality fleet wraps were necessary.

“Branding through fleet is an absolutely critical part of advertising. It unifies us as a company and identifies us to our customers,” Carrasquillo said. “It is also a symbol of pride that all of our team members can be proud of, and they are all proud! They look good, the fleet looks good, the brand looks good, and everyone knows who Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana is. To find us, ‘Just Look For The Red Ribbon!’”

To anyone who is thinking about having their company’s vehicle wrapped, Carrasquillo would recommend to just do it. It is a fantastic branding opportunity.

“Invest in them as soon as you are able. Your fleet is the largest rolling billboard in your advertising arsenal,” Carrasquillo said.

Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana would like to thank Quint’s Signs Overnite for the outstanding job they did. Their professional and quality team helped the Overhead Door crew take their branding to the next level.

Now when you see the vehicles with their bold, red ribbon branding, you will remember Overhead Doors of Northwest Indiana and the quality services they provide. To explore further, visit their website at www.overheaddoornwi.com.