Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana #BehindTheRibbon: Meet Frank Hendricks

By: Steven Neville Last Updated: May 16, 2016

Frank-HendricksSales and music don’t seemingly go together, but when you really think about it, the soul of music is in the improvisation of the art; the ability to make something your own. The art of sales is in creating the solutions, the harmony, between salesperson and customer.

It should really be no surprise that Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana’s Outside Sales Representative Frank Hendricks, is a musician and salesman. His goal in everything he does in work and life is to put the pieces together to make things work in harmony.

“That’s what you’re doing in work,” Hendricks told IIMM. “Providing a solution to a need and an answer to a problem.”

In other words, Hendrick’s job in sales is not very different from his life outside of work. He enjoys playing with some of The Region’s best musicians in iconic spots like Front Porch Music: it all comes down to putting the final staccato to the score and making it all come together.

Hendricks, a native of Hammond and now resident of Valparaiso, has spent the majority of his professional life in sales. He spent a number of years in Colorado working in sales of heavy equipment, and also in Chicago. After that, he returned to The Region and re-laid his roots in the heart of Northwest Indiana.

The changes to life and work in transitioning to a local company, Hendricks says, have made all the difference in his happiness.

“Working for a company like Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana is incredible. There is more transparency in everything we do. We get to treat our customers with the attention they deserve, and we get the freedom to do what it takes to make sure the customer is always happy.”

Because in the end, Hendricks says, solving the problems of the customer and making sure they’re satisfied is always the highest priority.

“I like the challenge of solving the problems of the customer. It feels good to know that we are making them happy by filling that current need they have in their life.”

Plus, with more free time to pursue his passion of music, Hendricks appreciates having the ability to pass this passion down to his three kids, all in Valpo schools. Most of whom have taken the bluegrass musician’s love for the arts and rolled with it.


“My daughter just doesn’t seem to be into music. She’s amazing at all the other things she does though, and two out of three is not too bad.”