Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana Makes Good on Backyard Bash Promise

Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana Makes Good on Backyard Bash Promise
By: Jimmy Lafakis Last Updated: July 9, 2016

Before Sheri Greenfield’s name was called in the raffle, she suffered some bad luck. She was not at the party to hear her name. She was standing by her husband’s side in a doctor’s office.

She became the owner of a new garage door, keypad and opener at the Overhead Door Backyard Bash on May 25. Overhead Door installed the necessities at Greenfield’s Crown Point home on Friday afternoon. The full package was valued at $2,695.

“I know it sounds crazy to be excited about a garage door, but that was a big deal for us,” Greenfield said. “My husband and I have never really won anything.”

OHDInstall-3The chances of this good fortune were slim. Greenfield, a mother of six boys, said she felt like there was no possible way her name was called out of 300 tickets. A neighbor attending the party informed her of the news.

“We received a call that night,” she said. “I couldn’t believe it. I said, ‘You’re lying. You’re pulling my leg.’”

Overhead Door service technician Mike Walz worked on the new garage door in sweltering heat. He praised his company’s magnanimous nature.

“We like to share the wealth around the community,” he said. “When I work with these guys, I wish I would have met them 10 years ago.”

OHDInstall-1Greenfield lauded the professionalism and kindness of Overhead Door. She said she felt the door added a beautiful touch to her home.

“It’s one of the best things that has ever happened to our family,” she said. “I will probably stand out here and just admire it for a while.”