Partners of Life: Best of Restaurants

Partners of Life: Best of Restaurants

Our restaurant partners are a fantastic group, serving up some of the best food in Northwest Indiana! Their dishes, atmosphere, and stellar service have served as the backdrop for many nights of entertainment, fun, and happiness for people all around the Region.

From the more casual dining options to those focused on a more refined dining experience, these partners are witness to many great memories. Here are some of the ways we’re highlighting our area restaurants and the people who work there!

Blackbird holds a special place in the Valparaiso Community, being the go-to place for people and business owners from all walks of life. Take a look at their 2017 “Day About Women” celebration they hosted on International Women's’ Day, which featured crafts, movies, and special shirts for the staff!

Albano’s Villa is a go-to for many families in need of a quick and easy meal. Their history is as good as their food, with the restaurant starting in the family living room in 1957! With so many interesting tidbits, it only made sense to highlight some fun facts and history on this amazing restaurant!

ir-reviews-2017-1Industrial Revolution
As an American restaurant with a unique decor, Industrial Revolution Eatery and Grille promises a great experience every time. Reviews for the restaurant are incredibly positive; probably due to the amazing staff and unique atmosphere!

As a restaurant that values farmers, Culver’s hosted their “Thank a Farmer Day” and had rabbits and a sheepdog present, as well as a large tractor for customers to view. The day took the opportunity to educate the public and fundraise for local causes, all while introducing the community to agriculture in a fun way!

Keslseys-granreopening 1Kelsey’s
Grand Re-openings are a big deal in the restaurant business, which is why Kelseys Steakhouse was highlighted after some bar renovations. The reopening coincided with some menu changes, but kept the dining room and dinner menu the same.

Renovations and a few updates can make any restaurant feel like new. Fiddlehead owner Aaron O’Reilly recently took the time to update the space and work toward creating his vision for the restaurant.

Patricks-Grille-Gives-Back-2017bPatrick’s Grille
Giving back to the community is a great way to highlight any restaurant and Patrick’s Grille is no exception. Their owner and staff takes the opportunity to give back in order to further enhance the community and the people it serves!

A revamp of an old location, which now features state of the art kiosks and modern decor, is definitely worth a celebration. McDonalds celebrated the reopening of their East Chicago location, and enjoyed the chance to showcase how they’re modernizing their franchise.