PCACS Seeks Support through NAP Tax Credit Program

By: Porter County Aging and Community Services Last Updated: November 27, 2012

pcacsPorter County Aging and Community Services is offering tax credits as part of the Neighborhood Assistance Program. The donations are a way for community members to support PCACS’ mission and goals while receiving state tax breaks.

“Since participating in the program in the last four years, we have been successful in selling all of our NAP tax credits,” said PCACS Executive Director Bruce Lindner. “We consider this a major accomplishment and we thank all of our community members who continue to support us even during challenging economic times.”

Lindner said this year, the agency has been awarded $7,240 in credits, which allows it to generate $14,480 in actual donations.

“The tax credits are essentially a way for participants to double their donations to the agency as the state gives them 50 percent back. If you donate more than $100, you will receive half that money back on your state taxes,” Lindner said.

According to the state, NAP offers $2.5 million in tax credits annually for distribution by non-profits.

Those interested in supporting PCACS through the NAP tax credit program can contact Lindner directly at 465-7144 or send along a check to Lindner’s attention at PCACS, 1005 North Campbell Street, Valparaiso, IN 46385.

PCACS’ mission is to extend a helping hand to seniors, those who are disabled and low-income residents by providing services to improve their quality of life, including transportation, nutrition programs, energy assistance and activity centers.

For more information, contact PCACS at 464-9736.