Perma-Green offers helpful lawn care tips and services before the arrival of winter

Perma-Green offers helpful lawn care tips and services before the arrival of winter

Now that the summer has come and gone, it’s time for you to prepare your precious green lawn for the autumn and winter months. Luckily, Valparaiso-based Perma-Green has the community-centric, eco-friendly answer to all your lawn care needs.

Perma-Green provides various services for customers in Lake, Porter, La Porte, and Jasper counties, delivering the highest quality work with a team of seasoned professionals. Their services include lawn seeding, regular lawn care programs, lawn fertilization service, weed control, lawn pest control, lawn aeration, tree & shrub services, and ornamental root feeding.

Here are a few easy ways you can prepare your lawn for the fall and winter months:

  1. Clear out the constant leaves. Around this time of year, the leaves will constantly fall off nearby trees and scatter themselves across your lawn. Leaves that get too wet can disease your lawn’s grass. Make sure to rake them up or mulch them with a mower.
  2. Clean out the gutters. Be sure to consistently attend to your gutters in the fall, removing any leaves, twigs, and other materials. If left unattended, the debris will keep ice and water from freely moving, resulting in potential water damage.
  3. Overseed 6-8 weeks before first freeze. This will give your lawn a head start in the spring while also minimizing grass loss during the winter.
  4. Aerate and fertilize your grass. Before your area’s first frost date, it is wise to aerate your grass to help relieve any compaction that has built up during the warmer months. In addition, apply a winterizer fertilizer to lawns to cultivate thicker root growth during these colder months. Doing so will allow the grass roots to absorb and disperse the essential nutrients in the spring, so the grass will be primed and ready to fight off weeds, pests, and diseases once the weather gets warmer.

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