Pet Found Near Death, Brought to Life

Pet-Found-Near-Death-Brought-to-LifeMy husband and I live near a wooded area in Valparaiso. On a recent Saturday afternoon, we were backing out of the driveway when my husband saw a clump of fur on the lawn near the woods. I got out to investigate. As I approached, I thought it must be a dead opossum. But why would it be on the lawn like this?

When I was a few feet away, I stepped on some leaves and that made a crackling sound. The animal lifted it's head up! It wasn't an opossum, it was a cat! I touched her sides and you could feel every rib. She was emaciated and dehydrated. She was curled up to die. She didn't open her eyes. She had been mauled by an animal of some sort and had cuts and abrasions everywhere. Her tail appeared broken. Flies were buzzing all around her and landing on her open wounds. I thought, "Dear God, How did this happen to this poor creature?"

We snapped into action. My husband called Valparaiso Animal Hospital and Dr. Butler, the wonderful vet there, said bring her over. We raced her to the vet's office. The look on the staffs' faces confirmed our worst fears, this cat was on death's doorstep. But we did not give up. Dr. Butler said they could admit her to the animal hospital for care. It took days of IV fluids, antibiotics, blood tests and lots of tender loving care. To our delight, she's made a full recovery!

The staff at Valpo Animal Hospital named her "Miss Darla". My husband thought she looked like a "Daisy". I've been calling her "Daisy Bones" because even after a week of nutritious food in the hospital, she's still a bag of bones!

My husband and I were going to upgrade our old cellphones and were on our way to buy the new iPhone 5 when we discovered Daisy Bones. At the vet's office, looking at the helpless little ball of fur and seeing the hospital charges adding up, I knew those iPhones would have to wait. We still have our old cellphones. More importantly, we were able to save the life of this precious kitty. And I wouldn't want it any other way.

Daisy Bones if a very friendly and well behaved feline. It's obvious she was once someone's cat. If she's yours or you would like to adopt her, please email me at