Phase Two of Hawthorne North Subdivision now open

Phase Two of Hawthorne North Subdivision now open
By: Julia Demma Last Updated: March 18, 2019

Find the Best of both worlds within the property lines of the new Valparaiso subdivision, Hawthorne North. Following the start of Phase One last summer, Phase Two is now open for development and allows more opportunity for builders to create their dream home in a great location.

With Phase Two of the subdivision opening, Ken Pylipow, President and CEO of Von Tobel and developer of Hawthorne North, said the area is beginning to feel and look more like the subdivision that it aims to be in the future.

“We’re so much further along in the construction process than we were last summer. There are many more streets that are finished that make it easier for people to drive through and get around. Everything is starting to pull together, piece by piece,” Pylipow said.

Several homes in Phase One are already under construction, leaving many lots untouched for aspiring home buyers within the limits of Phases One and Two. With Phase Two underway, a wider variety of lots are obtainable.

“We are most excited to begin Phase Two because now there will be more lots available for buyers. Different home owners all have different preferences. Some like an internal lot, others like a corner lot, and so on. Now we are able to offer these kind of options to prospective home owners,” Pylipow said.

Several lots in Phase Two will offer homes overlooking a scenic pond.

2019-Hawthorne-02“The pond is a very aesthetically and visually pleasing feature,” Pylipow said. “There will be a decorative fountain installed this summer in the middle of the pond. It also serves a purpose from a drainage standpoint after bad storms. People are very fond of this feature.”

Other than the many new available lots, the prime location of Hawthorne North cannot be ignored. Located just 3.5 miles from downtown Valparaiso and its award-winning attractions, but still secluded enough to feel private, the subdivision is sure to be a perfect destination for those looking to build. Additional benefits include living just down the road from local retailers and dining, quick access to Valparaiso schools, and the opportunity to engage with the Valparaiso community.

Aside from location benefits such as easy access to State Road 49, the subdivision itself boasts some impressive features. One of the highlights, of course, is lot size. Hawthorne North provides generously sized lots in comparison to others within city limits.

“When they are at home, they are in a quiet subdivision environment with spacious yards, plenty of landscape, and sidewalks, but they are still located within the city limits,” Pylipow said.

2019 is expected to be an active year for lot sales and home building in the subdivision. Pylipow expects Phases One and Two of construction to be finished by the beginning of 2020. Looking forward, Hawthorne North also has further plans for Phase Three of construction, predicted to be finished late 2020.

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