PNC 11th Anniversary Odyssey Sculpture Show Debuts

By: Purdue University Northwest Last Updated: October 12, 2009

Purdue University North Central celebrates the 11th anniversary of its Odyssey Arts and Cultural Events Series with a public opening and reception of its multi-piece contemporary sculpture exhibit, Odyssey 2009 -2010 on Saturday, Oct. 24, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. in the Library-Student-Faculty Building Assembly Hall,  Room 02. Beginning at 5:30 p.m., there will be welcoming remarks by Judy Jacobi, assistant vice chancellor of Marketing and Community Relations, along with comments from the sculptors and artists. An American Sign Language interpreter will be provided. Refreshments will be served.

The Odyssey exhibit includes eight new sculptures bringing the total to 33 sculptures that grace the 268-acre Westville campus and PNC - Porter County, 600 Vale Park Road in Valparaiso.

S. Thomas Scarff, in his 11th year as curator of the PNC Odyssey sculpture exhibits, remarks, "It is a tremendous honor to have been involved with Odyssey for 11 years; each year the exhibit takes on a different look and feel. We have beautiful, dynamic, thought-provoking pieces from notable emerging and established artists. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to offer the largest outdoor sculpture installation in the area. I invite everyone to come out to enjoy this unique event."

The Odyssey Cultural Series also includes a number of events throughout the year, including exhibits of art, film showings and presentations.

The PNC Library Odyssey Gallery on the second floor of the LSF Building is home to the artwork of noted 20th century artist, George Sugarman. It includes two sculptures, a variety of framed paintings and a tribute wall of 35 framed works, a montage of photographs depicting the artist and his biography. While the library is usually closed on Saturdays, it will be open Oct. 24 from 4 to 7 p.m.

The exhibit, "Juxtaposing Sight" featuring the photography of Steven Becker will be shown in the LSF Assembly Hall through Dec. 29. To view this exhibit, call 219-785-5593 or 219-785-5719.

The photography of John Horwitz "P.E.S.O. - Pictures Every So Often" is shown in the Technology Building North Lounge on the main floor and is shown through December. 

Bobby Talamine, one of the premiere rock 'n roll photographers in the country, will display his "Rock Frenzy," in the lounge in LSF Room 62 through December. There will be an artist's reception and talk on Tuesday, Oct. 20 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the PNC LSF Room 144. Guests will have the opportunity to meet Talamine and hear about his career photographing the world's top rock bands since 1977. Refreshments will be served.

These photographic exhibits may be viewed Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Sculptors who will debut works as part of Odyssey 2009 - 10 are:
  • Mike Grucza - Odalisque, an interactive piece that invites the observer to "try it on."
  • Bruce Niemi - Coming Together, a 17-foot tall stainless steel sculpture representing man reaching up to God and God lovingly receiving him.
  • Eric Stephenson - Strut, a 10-foot high welded stainless steel figure that embodies the power of the urban walker, smoothly striding down the side walk, confident in itself.
  • Eric Stephenson - Emergence #17 - (The Dancer) delights in the moment, spinning and twisting. As light reflects off its 13-foot tall stainless form, it reveals a warmth hidden within its angular lines.
  • Mike Young - Water, an aluminum sculpture measuring 12 feet by 7 feet by 4 feet and a representation of under water grasses that form the image of a fish. It represents how flora and fauna are connected by their environment and their dependence on each other for life.
  • Seaton Scarff - Ruby, this aluminum piece is a 12-foot abstracted form of a pregnant woman that was inspired by his wife's pregnancy. Its name is his three-and-a-half month old daughter's middle name.
  • S. Thomas Scarff - Icarus, an aluminum 24-foot sculpture that is an image of Icarus falling after flying too close to the sun with his wax wings. The LED light shining up the five legs are reflected in the mirrored half sphere at the top of the base.
  • Kara James - Tongue Highway, a 33'x 15' sculpture made of earth, concrete, and grass. This speaks to how we get where we are going, even if it's not a physical destination. It is created out of "swales and berms," concepts in permaculture and sustainable practice, the basic stewardship of our accommodations on land.

Existing Odyssey pieces are:

  • John Adduci - Running Arch
  • Michele Goldstrom - Oh!
  • Mike Helbing -Victory at Samothrace
  • Preston Jackson - Haints + History, Travels of My Seven Sisters
  • Kara James - Handmade Revolution
  • Richard Kiebdaj - ho-MA-ge
  • Dessa Kirk - Demeter
  • Rob Lorenson - First Gear, Sentinel
  • David Noguchi - Rise, at PNC - Porter County
  • Eric Nordgulen - Anatomy Vessel
  • Jason Poteet - Rumination
  • Fisher Stolz - Seduction
  • S. Scarff - Geisha Rose, Rainbow Flyer, Drive-By; At PNC - Po.Co.  are Light Ray,  Indigo Flame
  • George Sugarman - A Green Field, Earth Bird, Two Part Folding Screen, Two Blues and a Red
  • Zelda Werner - Alexander's Circus
  • Bruce White - Ghostship, Twin Fin Continuum

Most works are for sale.

The Odyssey sculpture exhibit is open to the public during university hours. Visitors are encouraged to come on Thursdays and Fridays when parking is ample. Self-guided sculpture tour maps can be downloaded at The Web site for the Odyssey 2009-10 sculpture exhibit is Information on group tours is available by contacting Judy Jacobi, assistant vice chancellor of Marketing and Community Relations  at 462-4197 ext. 5593. Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Jacobi.